Why your feelings don’t matter to me right now

My house is my sanctuary, it is the only safe space I have.
So when you violate my safe space and my human rights, you are not invited.
This place holds many memories.
I was raped the first time in this very room.
Why did it happen?
Because he was angry because I had promised earlier in the evening that we would have sex.
Despite my initial protests, he proceeded to disregard me as a human being and grabbed me like I was a fucking doll.
He took my pants off and laid me on my stomach and began to penetrate me dry and roughly.
I was so ashamed and so shocked that another human being could dehumanize me so easily that I laid there, biting my pillow so that he couldn’t hear me crying.
I was afraid that if he heard me crying he would get angrier and hurt me more. 
This was the first time that I completely detached from my body.
My body wasn’t my own at that point.
This was also the first time that I had ever been made to feel ashamed of my existence, I felt completely embarrassed that this happened to me of all people.
My mother had always raised me to protect myself and be strong.
I knew if I didn’t protest it would be over sooner, but I also felt like I didn’t have the right to protest.
I remember lying on my belly, silently crying into my pillow and staring at the blue shadows my blinds were casting across the entire room.
I remember thinking, “Is this rape?”

When he finished, he got up and looked at me in disgust.
He went to the bathroom to take care of the mess he made and then he left in a huff.
I laid there, face down on the bed until I heard the door close.
My body hurt, I might have even torn.
But instead of feeling angry, I felt violated. 
I felt embarrassed about what I allowed to happen to me.
I also felt like I deserved it.
I waited up, lying on the couch in a house coat, waiting for him to come back.
When he did, he told me I was an idiot for waiting up for him.
I somberly followed him back to bed.

You cannot being to comprehend how this one moment completely shattered my entire world.
You cannot begin to understand how even so long after this ONE event of MANY (many more than twice, I’ve come to realize) haunts me in every thing I do.
It haunts every thought, every social interaction.
Just existing causes me so much pain and it is so overwhelming.
I feel like I’m locked in this body, like an iron maiden.
Every breathe I take I can feel the sharp points dig into my flesh. 

And YOU have the gall to tell me that I’m dragging this trauma into your fucking personification of rape culture?
You have the fucking audacity to tell me that I’m being negative for the sake of being negative?
You foolish, naive fucking child.
You may think that because I have to bear this burden every fucking day it makes me weak and that because I can’t just “let it go” I’m letting it rule me, but NEWS FLASH, I am and have been in control of this darkness for longer than you can fucking comprehend. 
I’m so strong from having to carry the weight of the world that I make it look easy. 
I make it look graceful, like a fucking dance.
You are the weak, foolish one.
You have no power in this domain, in my space.

I do not care about your feelings of sexual frustration or a general lack of attention.
That is not my job. It’s also not my job to apologize or even give you a fucking head’s up if I change my mind.
Fuck you. 


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