I am important

You don’t get to treat me like a burden.
I am not weight, I am a living, breathing individual.
Your time is not more important than mine.
You do not get to decide what I should be feeling
and what should matter to me.
You do not get to decide which battles I pick,
you do not have a right to comment on those I do.

I am not your sister or your mother.
All women are not one collective being.
I am an individual and I am not silly or frivolous.
Unless I tend to be.
I also have the choice to change my mind whenever I want.
I am a grown woman with full autonomy. 

You chose to be here,
this is my home and this is my domain.
You are not trapped or obligated to be here or with me.
You’re choosing to build a life with me and you will take me as is,
or you can ever be with me.
Do not think or act otherwise.


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