Ladies, a proposal

If you are reading this, you are one of four women, myself included, I really want to work together with on a project. Only you know of this blog which means I trust you to not share it/it’s contents and it’s a cool place to write down examples of content I’m thinking about. You are all hilarious women, all witty and understated. Elegantly funny, which I think hasn’t been done in female comedy yet. I’d really love to do a web series with you. I was thinking very “Portlandia” or adult swim style sketch comedy. For example, a running skit about tumblr subculture stereotypes (soft goth, soft grunge, soft cup, soft soft). I think it could be really cool if everyone could try comedy in an all female, totally laid back and silly way. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK


One thought on “Ladies, a proposal

  1. I think this would mean that I’d have to research some of the things you mentioned. First and foremost, what is a tumblr? I will give all I can, but that’s not really promising a lot. I’m in!

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