Bit By Bit

Bit by bit, we’re building a life together
Sticks, stones, weed and cat fur held together with curls of smoke
We’ve built a home in our hearts
I don’t like to speak in cliches
but I finally understand every single Nicolas Sparks novel
“No man will ever kiss your scars, Jessica”
He did, he does and he loves me for them
My protector, my captor, my bitch

There is something so primal about this love
We’re like a pair of cats.
You groom me, I’ll groom you.
The other night you bought me a latte and hot boxed the crawl space at Duke Street
I felt claustrophobic and ultra paranoid about vermin in the insulation
but I stayed because I had you
You snatched flies out of the air, you ninja
You let me curl up on the couch and offered me a muffin
You just placed it before me and wandered off
The look on your face when you saw that I had begun nibbling on it was so adorable
You know what that means to me
You were so happy

That’s when I realized that we were a family


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