Can we just step back for a moment?

And really appreciate how fucked up my life situation is right now.


One of my abusers is so upset that I did not forgive him for raping me, despite the fact that I actually am quite civil to him and kind still. I even talked him out of killing himself halfway through the fucking year, that he has decided to organize a lynch mob against me. How fucking twisted is that? All because THE ONLY THING I ASK OF HIM IS TO LEAVE ME ALONE AND TO NOT HURT ME. Naturally, the best plan of action in that situation MUST be posting my whereabouts at a large gathering this weekend, calling my FIRST abuser to act against me. All of this because of what he did to me. Why exactly am I the one paying for his actions? If you don’t want the title of “rapist” hanging over your head, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T FUCKING RAPE PEOPLE. It’s not my fucking problem that you’re a sick fuck. That’s all you. How fucking dare he punish me for all of the shit he put ME through. And honestly FUCK EVERY FRIEND who is on his side. I cannot trust ANYONE anymore. 

It is not unreasonable for me to ask you to stop hanging out with my rapist. It is not unreasonable to ask you to stop perpetuating my abuse. I hate you all. 


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